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Get Trained to Help Couples

Training for Marriage Mentors

Studies show that couples in their first fifteen years of marriage are most susceptible to divorce. Unfortunately, by the time most couples seek help, they are at the point of despair and hopelessness.

BMI trains married couples to mentor younger couples in how to live out their marriage vows on a day-to-day basis.

Listen to what one mentee couple had to say about their experience: “A lot of couples our age pray for mentors… So when it was handed to us, it was a gift! It has even blessed our children. They got to see us sitting at the table with an older couple studying the Word.”

One mentor couple put it this way: “I only wish we would have known about this information before we married. The layout of information covered … was very well done and stimulated much conversation after each class.”

Learn how you can start a marriage mentor ministry in your church.

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