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Marriage Class for Teens

Hope For Teens

BMI teaches teens and college students the fundamentals and benefits of marriage.

BMI’s work with inner-city teens is particularly exciting! By God’s grace, these students will enter adulthood better prepared for the most important human relationship in their lives – marriage! Listen to what the principal of Restoration Academy had to say about this unique partnership:

“The Jones’s passion for marriage and their desire to teach on marriage from a biblical perspective were especially useful for our students. Over 70% of our kids come from broken homes, and most of them have never seen a godly marriage. To many of them, marriage is an antiquated relic. It was good for them to see a godly couple that were deeply in love with Christ and with each other. They were refreshing and inspiring to our students… I believe that their skilled instruction, their passion for Jesus, and their love for young people are a tremendous asset to any school or ministry.”

Interested in bringing BMI's marriage course for teens to your Christian school or church? Click here to learn how.

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