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Our Story

Founded in 2009 by Alonza and Vanessa Jones, Biblical Marriage Institute (BMI) was birthed out of a desire to see biblical marriage restored and upheld as the standard for all marriages.

BMI began as a "marriage mentor" equipping ministry. Properly trained in the knowledge and understanding of what a biblical marriage looks like, godly men and women learned how to assist other couples to develop the values, attitudes, and skills necessary to experience marital success. Today, in addition to mentor training, BMI provides a full array of marriage education services.

Because most marriages begin in the church (or a religious context), BMI works closely with local churches, Christian schools, and like-minded organizations, by providing marriage education, training, and community awareness services.


Our Mission

The mission of BMI is to "train and equip the Church to model, teach, and advance biblical marriage throughout the world."


About Our Founders

Alonza and Vanessa Jones have been uniquely equipped through the providence of God to lead other Believers in building and maintaining godly families. As marriage educators, writers, and award-winning authors, they are sought-after speakers for men's and women's conferences, marriage retreats, seminars, and workshops. The Joneses have also led workshops on marriage and family development for national, regional and global organizations.

Vanessa is a gifted Bible teacher and mentor with formal training in biblical counseling. She serves as Vice President of BMI. 

Alonza is the President of BMI. He has a DMin in Biblical Counseling and also serves as an adjunct seminary professor, mentor, and Bible teacher.

The Joneses have been happily married for more than 43 years. Most of their married life has been spent investing in others and focusing on marital preservation.


How We Are Different

BMI helps prevent marital and family breakdown through biblical teaching and mentoring. We create and teach courses on marriage and relationships for teens, single adults, and married couples.

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