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5 Ways to Give Back During Back-to-School

It is August, which means two things: summer is coming to an end, fall is just around the corner, and it is officially back-to-school time. This means searching for backpacks, pencils, binders, notebooks. It may even mean virtual school.

Back-to-school season might look a little different this year, but it can still be exciting! It might be challenging and frustrating.  Today, we’re going to talk about five great ways to join in and give back to the community during back-to-school season.

1. Buy extra school supplies for local shelters.

While you are shopping for school supplies, consider grabbing some extras to donate. Many local shelters and churches usually have programs during back-to-school season for families who can’t afford to buy supplies for their children. Donating to causes like this really helps our neighbors. 

2. Bring extra materials for a teacher.

In many school districts, the money provided to teachers doesn’t cover all the supplies they need. Often teachers end up having to pay out of their pocket. Try emailing your children’s teachers to see if they need any supplies. The teacher will appreciate it and your contribution will provide a better learning experience for all the students.

3. Send a note or small gift to a teacher.

Teachers have been preparing and gearing up for this school year all summer. Many of them finished out their school year remote teaching from their homes. They may also be a little anxious about what going back to school entails in 2020. Let them know you care by sending a note of support to them, or send a gift card to a coffee place.

4. Help clean up the school.

During back-to-school time, many schools make efforts to clean up the school’s lawn aesthetics or buildings. This year they will be deep cleaning all the classrooms, and reorganizing a bit for the upcoming year. Check and see if any schools in your local community need help with a clean up service, then get involved painting, gardening or picking up trash. This is a simple yet very effective way to be involved philanthropically.

5. Teach your children about philanthropy.

Lastly, if you work with or have kids, take time this back-to-school season to teach them the importance of philanthropy. Lead by example in charity work, and your children will follow the same values. You have the opportunity to instill good morals in our future generation of philanthropists. 

This back-to-school season, do more than simply prepare for a new school year—help those in need. You can take advantage of philanthropic opportunities and better the schools in your community. Give back during back-to-school and school will give back to you.

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